Sunday, 14 June 2009

So what has been happening?

This was originally intended to post a record of progress, well some has been made, but remains mostly unrecorded.

I have been busy re- organising storage and display, finding many lost treasures along the way and renovating the man cave.

A small room, 8 foot by 5. It must contain the playing table, painting and modelling benches plus immediate storage

The overflow will still be a chinese puzzle in the attic.

So what progress has been made, inspiration from others blogs has seen the Frontier project move to the front of the queue and all available troops have been mustered, new recruits have just arrived and await an issue of uniform and equipment.

Details of the life of a Plastic Lancer will be posted on a seperate blog in pale imitation of that of General Pettigrew

The Nothelm Chronicle came to light after many years languishing in the back drawer of my mind, and my opponent in this has again inspired me to move much from the part finished pile.

Many pleasant games have taken place across the green fields of Wittenberg and although I have enjoyed playing with Allans` toys, find I am lacking personal feeling for the troops, steps are being taen to remedy this.

A lot of Boys own adventure figures have found their way across the painting bench, in this I include Pulp, VSF, Gloire etc As yet they have taken little time upon the table, but will possibly use the Mythic system to play a few games in the absence of a suitable group of players.