Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Die is cast, Finally.

Well ,the first games happened and then the third against a live opponent.
    Certain problems were highlighted, In my attempts to keep the building within building/planning rules I had allowed for net headroom of 6ft2".  My regular opponent being 2" taller than this is going to be a minor problem, Options involving a saw do present themselves, but no anaesthetic is available,so a slight stoop whilst moving around the table and choosing to stand between joists, combined with judicious use of the stools will have to suffice for now. It took a long time to find that most valuable of gifts, someone who shares your approach and is interested more in playing the game than slavishly following the latest set of glossy rule mechanism. to trade him in now.
   We play in a variety of periods using sets of rules, some of which were state of the art, once. usually identifiable as the originals, but with minor changes to reflect our view. Or even ignored when an unbelievable result occurs.
    The aim is to capture the essence of the period, with simple, user friendly methods. The two and a half hours available are too precious to waste consulting files of charts or engaging in the cardsharp practices prevalent in some groups. Often we find ourselves exploring the situation and its development rather than confronting each other across the table,We are both out to win, which often means doing better than the historical counterparts, but not at the expense of pleasure.
    The history of the first three games will appear on the somewhere in englandblog asap. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Well, slowly but slowly changes happen.
From this to this
and this
and this
and even this.
But dammit, the table is warped.

No matter , the inaugral game is scheduled for today, and tomorrow will finally see the first home match for some time.
Then the game of ¬Whats in this box,Where can I put it, Thats suffered in storage or over the years, Work to do.