Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Prelude to Waterloo

Much is known, and even more has been written of Napoleons Last Battle, but that is the end, and would never have happened but for the actions of a small group of men.
   Their story has been lost, buried amongst the plethora of histories, accounts, deconstructions, reconstructions and hyperbole. It must now be told.

The Bridge at Trois Bras.

The Duke of Wellington, was worried. The further he advanced, the more opportunity it gave the French to outflank him and drive a wedge between the Allied armies. Presently he was advancing close to the River Avonne, a wide fast flowing river, with few bridges, few in number, but vital in importance.
   Half a days march ahead lay one such bridge,near the village of Trois Bras.
It must be secured!

 So the General asked the Brigadier, The Brigadier instructed The Colonel, The Colonel Ordered The Captain, And so this unknown Rifle Officer found himself marching through the night with a small band of Riflemen to seize what he considered, yet another bloody bridge, and Hold until Relieved.

Making sense.

An example of wargaming logic sees the creation of a new blog pulp72.  Why the title, well it will be the  home of my pulp project in 1/72 scale, mainly at least.
  Why another blog? purely to help me keep a record of my various projects.Watch these spaces!