Sunday, 24 June 2007

Past, Present and Future

This blog is created to assist in my thinking about wargames and philosophies.
A newcomer to the genre, I find myself becoming addicted to reading others ego-posts, and having one of my own, decided to join in.
Having said that it is as much for my own sake as others, to help get my thoughts in order by having to slow down in order to put the thoughts on paper, virtual tho it may be.

Here I intend to detail my master plan, and record for posterity my steps along the way,I can then re-read and see that I have actually made progress.
Work is rapidly sapping my will to live, it is a wet sunday and am dreading tomorrow to the extent that I can only slap paint on a few figures before my thoughts drift away.
Have been playing with toy soldiers since the late 50s and managed to amass a mass rather than a collection.I can field a wide range of forces but no armies are finished, are they ever?

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