Saturday, 17 November 2012

Progress in a direction.

Well the roof is on, The windows are glazed, storage sort of in place. Table built. Power in, lights- Ish.
  Can we play, not today.
Jabba has reverted to its secondary use of workshop, and the table presently hosts a multi-drawer kitchen unit and paint.
    Obviously the master plan is to provide an incentive to finish the house rebuild, it is working!

   Today will see woodwork glossed in the study, the start of papering. Finish said unit. More filler in the hallway and some sorting of storage and display units, when I stop tonight i have some re-inforcements for Sven Ericson and more peasants for Medieval Noverre requiring a finish and bases painted.
   Tomorrow, a traditional day of rest should see the rest of the papering, carpet fitted, furniture moved in and an empty table. Time for a game?

    Definitely time for some photos.

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