Friday, 19 February 2016

Making sense of chaos

So the year of the monkey is upon us, not auspicious for an person born in the year of an Iron Tiger, promises to be interesting times, After the past few years all that seems likely to change are the details,
      Well lets try and gain some control over these details. First step has been beating technology into at least temporary submission by being able to access this blog after being frozen out.
      I haven`t been totally idle on the hobby front, in fact January marked an improvement in available time space, money and mojo. Hopefully this will continue and I can record progress for posterity and anyone who actually reads this.
     Work on organising the gaming shed continues, the design and installation of a painting/modelling bench in the lounge, although far from ideal, does at least mean I can get some painting done.
    The Garage cum still room cum workshop is still full of useful stuff, but am beginning to turn left over rebuilding materials into gaming equipment. The major building works are now complete but a raft of finishing/repairs still remains.
     Family continues to be an expensive hobby in all ways, the bright spot on the horizon is my new opponent. Reports of Games in Eclectica to follow, also on this blog I intend to record my second level interests and activities, just keeping my Joint blogs separate for the mainstream.
     In about an hour will be heading off to Beachhead 2016, the new local show, hopefully a success for all those involved, will be the first show I`ve been able to get to for some years.
   Thoughts on that to follow, as I fully intend to be organised enough to post regularly, be it gold or dross